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As a world-class electric bus manufacturer, Yutong has a series of 5-18 m battery electric buses for sale to meet the needs of sustainable cities with highly reliable and durable public buses.

Sustainable Public Transport Solutions

Yutong offers different electric buses for sale from 5-18 meters. Our E-Buses are safer and greener, with extended range. Adhering to the advanced Yutong “YESS” safety standards, our E-buses are equipped with a nitrogen protection system to ensure battery safety.

Yutong electric buses always uphold the concept of environmental protection, and we actively participate in the development of battery buses.

New Energy Technology

  • Electric Control

  • Battery

  • E-Drive

  • Multi-in-One Sic Power Domain Controller
    • Maximum Efficiency 99.5%

    • System Weight Reduction 50%

    • Energy Consumption Lowered by 5%

  • A New Generation of High-Safety
    Super-Powered Batteries
    • Sandwich fire protection structure, nitrogen protection system, 2m×72h extreme waterproof, 1300°C extreme fire protection

    • High specific energy cell, highly integrated structural design, volume density increased by 38%, space saving by 40%

    • High-strength structural design, efficient temperature uniformity, intelligent balance, service life of 0.3 ~ 1.5 million kilometers

  • New-Generation Efficient and Lightweight Integrated E-Axle
    • High-Speed Less-Stage Transmission

    • Low Sliding Ratio and Large Speed Ratio Gear

    • Road Spectrum for New Energy Commercial Vehicle

Best Service for Your Bus

Yutong's self-built one-stop service ecology provides comprehensive maintenance services for you. Relying on Yutong cloud technology, we will proactively identify user needs and provide a full service experience beyond expectations.


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